The work we offer to our Clients and Partners is imbued with the knowledge that we have respected high quality standards. We are uncompromising with regards to reliability, efficiency, quality and timeliness. We pay attention to new markets, pinpointing new businesses and conceiving new products, all whilst respecting people and the environment, developing research in order to introduce our Clients and Partners to innovations, benefits and opportunities. We strive to make the reasonable profit: an instrument that can guarantee stability, continuity and freedom from manipulation.


Each step is a fundamental part of the journey that leads us towards the future.Passion, Responsibility, Respect, Ethics and Integrity are values that have stayed with us for more than fifty years and throughout the development of this vast undertaking. This project is more than the product of a business venture, it is the result of a human journey, a result of life. Because, improving the lives of others has always been the most important part of our story. Codisan is a project centred around its relationship between the company as a whole and its Collaborators, Clients, Suppliers and, more generally, with all Stakeholders concerned. A complex framework strengthened by relationships founded on the principles of mutual respect and trust. The company has grown throughout the years and has developed with the belief that day after day it can ‘build innovation’ with the knowledge of past experiences and values.


The tree of life is the symbol that best portrays the history, the entrepreneurial spirit and the culture of Codisan.Roots represent our origins and the strong bond to our territory, as well as the experience gained over the years.The stem and the fronds reflect our organization: articulated, solid but at the same time flexible and heightened by the luxuriance of the human capital that is part of it and that enriches it with its presence.New branches and sprouts are the symbol of new ambitions: the pure desire to see growing the Land and the Community in which it operates, with capacities and skills all committed to achieve new goals.
Lastly, leaves, flowers and fruits symbolize satisfaction for the results achieved over the years and, at the same time, that ability to duplicate successes and steps toward the future through every generational changeover .